@gamingonlinux For a tiny bit of context in some videos I wear gloves so the Steam Deck doesn’t get covered in fingerprints and skin. I really do have a skin condition and it’s weird for someone not to believe something so simple 🤷

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It's not how I wanted to end up, but Linux is only a way I run servers now, for the most part. I was very active in Linux spaces, and ran Linux on the desktop with no dual boot or gaming VM. I was die-hard.

However, there are people in the world that relish in feeling like an outcast, and they tend to lash out at all that is different. Those people also like to flock to Linux because it's full of other self-prescribed outcasts. It's created a cult of superiority in a way, and many of the members write like this on the regular.

I left Linux behind and just moved to Windows because I just don't feel like interacting with other Windows users has an abnormally high chance of being called a slur or accused of CSA like I feel with Linux users.

Linux, open for all except degenerates.

I look forward to a change, but when a high number of high profile YouTube channels are openly conservative and still think frog memes are cool, the community continues to worsen it seems.

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@AliceVie @Sirsquid @gamingonlinux That is unfortunate, because if everyone who is not an asshole leaves a space then all that is left in that space is a bunch of assholes.

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