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My late shift of work is over. Likely taking tomorrow off to recover. Hooray.

It's Thung Thursday! Say hello to our bearded and mustachioed forehead friend!

Thought I had a dead pixel on my Macbook Air. Just a little piece of food.

Feeling so very not good today, unfortunately I’m needed at work later and can’t skip. 😩

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There is beauty in processing hardship together and out in the open. It's the ground where authentic connection and community can happen in the most adverse circumstances. There is a specific type of culture that happens when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to expressed hurts of people we want to be in a community with.

demanding us to CW our experiences around bigotry, you are broadcasting loud and clear you want the ability to opt out of the reality of racism and hate when you want, like a newsletter you don't want to read anymore. You want the clout of saying you know and are 'friendly' with targets of discrimination and hate but you don't want to be with us when it gets to be too much.

And we just don't have that option. We can't take a time out when it suits us. We
must keep going.

So in my estimation, some alleged 'allies' and 'progressives' need to do some soul searching about what kind of community they want and/or just be honest about not wanting to deal with reality and stay in your fuzzy corner of the fedi where bigots can manage you.

Cause that's not the community I want. And that's not the community I'm going to build.


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experiment! lets see how far everyone working together can yeet this toot in a week.

the more votes below the further its reached in the fediverse

mention of health problems 

Mortified that all my best friends heard me having an apnea fit in a Discord call. Last time I'm ever staying up late to watch a movie in a Discord call. 😤

introduction post 

Hey, I'm Alice, a late-20s Linux SysOps Admin at a large cloud hosting provider. I write funny stuff when inspiration hits, and I like talking about tech and such. I run alongside @esdin as an instance for fans of the musician Nick Lutsko and the universe he's created.

I'm recently becoming interested in gamedev again, and a lot of that is fueled by .

I'm looking forward to meeting new peeps and sharing my work and hobbies with you all.

All Hail King Nick!

A home in the fediverse for fans of Nick Lutsko, grandmas, and friendly folks! Invite only and 18+ for ease of mind.