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Hey people, let's give a big Halloween Welcome to @brielle, mother of Digital Desmond :desmin: creator of Awesome Effects! :hell_yup:

Who would win in a fight?

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I've been watching Netflix's Bullsh*t with @jennatar, and what a fun show. The fact that folks can "win" by being clever and convincing regardless of their actual knowledge makes the interactions between the contestant and the "panel" delightful - everyone on the show looks like they're having a good time.

Also I worry I would be far too good at it.

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It's Thung Thursday! Say hello to our bearded and mustachioed forehead friend!

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Hey, solo game dev here from the UK making atmospheric narrative driven games. Previously made the fantasy adventure game Guard Duty and last year released my psychological horror Chasing Static, now working on a cool new thing!!

Giving mastodon a try to help ease off my dependency on twitter, let's be pals ❤️ Well, it definitely federated your user account. Can you see this post? 😅

Best Nick Lutsko Song

Posting things 

Posting things is easy. Just take a thing that's in your head, and put it in a text box. Don't even think about it. Let your brain flourish.

Oh no. Look what you've done. What a mess. Oh gosh did you hit post? Oh no. You monster.

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@Mastodon yay for this! 👍 "In the future, we plan to add end-to-end encrypted messaging and an exciting groups functionality to our software, together with further updates to our well-received official apps." is a place for Nick Lutsko fans to hang out on the fediverse? As :desmin: would say, :hell_yup: !

Oh Hell Yup! @nym has brought :pumpkin_monocle: :pumpkin_thinking: :pumpkin_tophat: :hell_yup: the best emoji ever to our humble instance! :pumpkin_blush: :pumpkin_cool: :pumpkin_flush: :pumpkin_ghost: :pumpkin_grimace: :pumpkin_joy:

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New fun things on our still cooling instance:

• Check out the lovely Linernotes Dark theme in your Appearance settings

• Updated a bunch of the text strings to be a bit more Lutsko appropriate

• Increased post limit from 500 to 1024 characters

The best thing about importing follows is even as I work on this new instance, I can see all the folks I dig ^_^

Alright - We imported the lovely Linernotes Dark theme from and our small userbase loves it so much they want to make it the default!

But everytime I point themes.yml default to styles/linernotes_dark.scss, everything gets Bad. Thoughts?

You can turn it on from your settings and theme appearance!

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